Anyone interested in discussing Heroes In Crisis?

Honestly I’d really like to hear what people think, positive or negative, once they’ve read the issue and I’d like to have a good discussion on its pros and cons along with anything else of substance you all might care to talk about.

Also with this being a divisive book before the first issue has even dropped let’s keep things civil here. I’m hoping for some interesting discussion here from both sides not a free-for-all cage match.


Loved it. Had no expectations going in and I’m totally in for the next issue. It was shocking, and well paced. And now having seen the Tom King interview on DC daily where he talked about the emotional roots of this story being rooted in the fear surrounding the thought of his child being hurt while at a safe space (which I’m only assuming was a reference to school shootings).

I enjoyed the issue as well even if I’m upset at the deaths involved. The pacing was great and at the moment there are a lot of unanswered questions, which is exactly what I would expect to see in a murder mystery. I really want to know why Harley and Booster seem to think they each saw the other murdering everyone else and how it was that they managed to escape from the carnage. I’m also excited to see who the actual culprit is and their reasons for doing the crime. All in all this was exactly what I wanted out of the issue so I’m pretty happy with that.

Loved it, while hating the deaths of two of my favorite characters.

I found the art fantastic, the 9 panel pages for the "therapy " show such emotion. The first page with the Trinity was gorgeous I thought.

The writing… well i was already a fan of Tom King but this might be now in my top five favorite single issues from him.

Now the 2 most important deaths. As a Titans fan I am devastated but that panel was so impactful, especially since I was reading it in guided view digitally. So the reveal was even more focused than someone reading a floppy I think.

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Great art by Clay Mann. I’ve loved his stuff since he was over at Valiant.

As for the issue. I don’t know what to think yet. A huge part of me hopes it isn’t what it seems because it was pretty impersonal the reaction to what happened. If it really did happen that’s pretty terrible after what Rebirth started. I trust King though so I’m eager to see what happens.

Yeah, Clay Mann’s art was stellar here.

NO SPOILERS: Oh damn. Yes there is a big shocking reveal, but oh the subtext. With sock nocking visuals to boot. Buy, read and repeat. @TomKingTK @DCComics @Clay_Mann_ #HeroesInCrisis


Does anyone know what Blue Jay meant when he referenced Silver Sorceress and that arrow?

Wasn’t the Silver Sorceress killed by Dreanslayer using an arrow? And it messed Blue Jay up and he gave up being a hero. Am I remembering that right?