Anyone here play Injustice 2?

If you do play, rate the story from 1 to 10, and your reason for that rating. Which character was the best IN the story. And which character do you use the most?

I loved the story so 10/10. Supergirl was amazing in the story. And Blue Beetle is my main character I use.

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I still have the game installed and even played on sunday.

  • 8/10. Great story but the endings suck and I kept wishing Flash would just go back in time and stop Joker.

  • Batman or Brianiac were the best in the story or at least my favorite.

  • Batman is my main

i do and still play this game. The story was a 10/10 for me. The narrative in the game could seriously be used as a template for a big budget live action movie. I don’t remember and real plot holes or anything that made the story a bore.

NetherRealm Studios really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Superman is my main

Dr. Fate was my favorite. They should do a weekly animated cartoon using the Injustice universe and CGI.

Dr. Fate was my favorite. They should do a weekly animated cartoon using the Injustice universe and CGI.

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Both games have great stories and the comics ain’t bad either!

Haven’t read the comics, might get into some of them

I hope they add them on here. They’re actually really good and there’s like Year One/Two/etc for each game.

Some issues features characters from whichever game they aren’t part of and even characters from DC in general appearing in the game’s universe

I played through the story 10/10. Also read every comic.

I mained Supergirl for a while after finishing the story. I’m not good enough though so I didn’t really enjoy the multiplayer aspect.

I decided to watch the competetive scene for a while to watch my main through professional players, but after a nerf to Supergirl I kind of lost interest in that too as she wasn’t played as much and disappeared early.

I love Injustice though, and would throw myself over another game or comic. Injustice vs MotU is the only thing I follow for now, and that too is 10/10.

Speaking of that, He-Man as a guest dlc character for Injustice 3 plz!!!

I don’t play online with fighting games either. I enjoy playing the multiverse stuff


We need Alfred as dlc for injustice 3

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Sorry, haven’t played it, since I recently bought the legendary edition for PS4 on Amazon Prime

I loved the story-line. I’d rate it 10/10. My favorite character to use was Black Canary.