anyone heard of dcuo for playstation

Who here plays dcuo on playstation

I play on xbox one. It hasn’t been PlayStation exclusive for years when Daybreak took over .

It was released on xbox 360 and it’s on ps 4 and xbox one. Pretty sure it’s on pc as well

It’s on Steam, I can confirm.

I have played it for years on my PC. Let’s see it WAS originally on PS3 … and then they added PS4. Now only on PS4. Its on Xbox and yes you can download the game if you have Stream and play as well. Want any more details? You can subscribe and become an Legendary member with access to all DLCs and all powers or a small portion of the game is free to play. You Can get a character to tier 2 without paying out a dime ( To clarify there are now 9 tiers all based on your combat rating) <```
so a good deal of the game is shut off from you. A Free to play CAN become what is referred to as a Premium player by purchasing additional DLC and some of the newer powers that arrived in game after TIER TWO. You will get to battle everyone from Darkseid and Steppenwolf to The Joker to Ocean Master AND yo9u can chose to be either hero or villain or both so you can also battle everyone from Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash to the Teen Titans.

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