Anyone Have Any Key Issues of Comic Books Like First Appearances etc?

I would love to hear what key issues you guys got out there for DC. My goal is to get new teen titans #2 the first appearance of Deathstroke!

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I have a few, but my prized first appearance is Brave and the Bold #28–the first Justice League of America.


I was a kid in the early 1960s and went back to comics after graduate school in the mid 1970s. The key comics I remember buying were Marvel Comics. I bought Lee and Kirby X-Men, then ‘graduated’ to Claremont’s version.

On the DC side, I owned the early issues of Green Lantern and Justice League of America, as represented in our Library. I still have the JLA books

I used to collect all of DC, including Jimmy Olson, Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. A couple of years later, I decided all those comics were silly and threw them out.

I still have the first appearance of Doom Patrol and Metal Men.

The number of issues of Flash in our Library is pathetic, consisting of only The first 3 issues. I still own the Flash of Two Worlds issues 123, 129 and 137, which introduced Jay Garrick and the JSA.

The six issues of Hawkman by Joe Kubert in Brave and Bold are one of my Favorites.

After grad school, I remember buying back issues of GL/GA, JLA and Swamp Thing. I still have the JLA. GL/GA belongs to that time period, and does not have the impact and readability, as it did back then.

Detective Comics 471 to 476, by Steve Engelhart and Marshall Rogers, are in our Library and had a huge impact on how the Batman should be like. I owned them.

I own the new Teen Titans in physical form, up to and including Judas Contract.

Flash 129 referred to the last adventure of the JSA, in All Star Comics 57. I bought that comic digitally and I like it well enough. Would I have bought a physical copy for more then 5 dollars? No.

Back issues are a tremendous inventory cost for the local comic book store. If you attempt to sell your collection to them, they will buy it at 10% to 50% of the Overstreet value, depending on condition of comic and popularity.

You get a much better deal buying old, key issues as part of Graphic Novel Trades, if you must have a physical copy, they also last longer.

Individual copies of key issues in digital form could cost you as little/much as .99 or 1.99, far cheaper than buying the original. Digital comics don’t take up physical storage, don’t get damaged, are easy to find relative to looking through storage units. You can start reading them instantly or in a few minutes, if they are archived.

I have Joker issue 1 from 1975 my 1st comic I ever bought in ‘83 if that counts & The 1st appearance of the Cat 1940 Batman.

Nope. If I did come across anything of worthwhile value, I’d sell it and buy a reprint of it in some form. I can’t think of a truly significant issue of a title that hasn’t been reprinted or isn’t available digitally.


I recently picked up the first appearances of Bizzaro Lois and Harvey Bullock.

Not much, but I do own Shadow of the Bat #1, Batman and the Outsiders #1 (the original), as well as the second issue of the modern Suicide Squad. That is all I can think of off the top of my head.