Anyone feel like BvS is underrated?

Am I the only one who feels like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an underrated masterpiece? Zack Snyder has always been one of my faves but I feel like he really climaxed with BvS. It has heavy political themes, EPIC action, and a plot that isn’t afraid to, well, go there. It just gets the characters, too. Christopher Reeve is good but he’s just too cheery for a god like Superman.

It’s a shame to think of what Justice League could’ve been…



Isn’t that what an ideal god would be though, cheery? Before your comment on Christopher Reeve’s Superman, I would’ve agreed. But, Christopher Reeve is who I think of as Superman.

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Abfgmsw I respect your opinion but I think you’re dead wrong. Superman has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Why would he smile? That just doesn’t feel like Superman to me idk

He could be annoyed that he is essentially lifting the world on his shoulders, or he could see that as an opportunity to use his powers in a way others aren’t able to. The song “Everything is Awesome” puts things in perspective.

If by underrated you mean OVERRATED then yes!!! Have you ever even read a superman comic, he’s an inspiration not a savior!!! Also get out of her with your casual fandom. Everyone knows Dean Cain is the true superman

I’m sorry @Abfgmsw I want to respect your opinions but I just can’t take someone who watches “the LEGO movie” seriously. BvS isn’t made for kids, sorry bud.

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I’ve read Golden Age Superman, Silver Age team ups, DaRoS, some of New 52, and Rebirth. I am familiar with Superman. Also, Dean Cain played a goof, not so much the meek Clark Kent the Golden Age wrote him as.

@spike WOULD YOU STOP HATING!! I see you on these threads hating and I wish the mods would just ban you already!!

You probably like kiddy crap like Aquaman and Shazam ! You are what’s wrong with the community!!

Fair enough. I knew those two films have quite opposing tones, but that doesn’t mean optimism from one film can’t slip into other films.

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I just don’t really like Zack Snyder films to be honest. It’s the tone of his films I don’t like. With that said, I didn’t hate bvs, but far from loved it. Really didn’t like how lex Luther reminded me of the joker with the way he was portrayed / acted. I think my fav Zack Snyder Film was dawn of the dead :slight_smile: again, this film does not deserve the hate it seems to get! Heck, I think justice league doesn’t deserve the hate either


@FrankMiller bro I’m 37 years old ok. I know what for kids and what’s for adults. If you can’t understand the deep and subtle nuances of my boy Dean Caine’s Emmy worthy performance then you gotta be a child. The only other actor who comes close to him is B. ROUTH. Even then they’re only the best cuz my bot DJ Catrona never got a fair shot. Australia was hating!!

“BvS isn’t made for kids”… no one tell him about any of the toys (which included 4 Lego sets) that were made to capitalize on the film

@spike Brandon Routh… you mean that clown from DC’s Clowns of Tomorrow? Dude you just make me laugh. Dean Cain is on that SJW show about “super” girl. Maybe he was good for his time but I’ve lost any respect for him.

Agreed about Catrona tho, respect :ok_hand:t2:

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I’m not representing Marvel’s “Captain Marvel”. I am representing DC’s “Captain Marvel”, as that was what the character was first named when he was created in the late 1930’s. Hence, the “TheOriginal” part of my username.

I agree that there are themes that will escape the minds of children, and the Zack did not make the film with children in mind. However, it can’t be denied that Warner Bros/DC wanted children to make their parents take them to the movie.

Give kids at least a little credit, though. Even most of them know that Thor 2 is terrible.

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@cap sorry for the hostility, I see now that you are representing Billy Bateson aka Captain Marvel. I should have been more respectful. I’m really really sorry. I feel awful about it.

I just hate the marvel captain marvel so f***ing much and I feel like if I say why I’ll be mega attacked on here but let’s just say I hope her sequel never gets made. :rage:

Idk maybe I just wish kids wouldn’t have gone to BvS. Leave it to the adults. They could’ve released the ultimate version in theaters, and maybe added more nudity (altho props to the shower scene) to ground the whole thing in reality

How would nudity specifically make it more realistic?

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@cap real life is full of it, dude. Sex is everywhere. I don’t like it, it goes against my faith, but it’s everywhere. But it’s basically nowhere in superhero movies? I don’t get it. Doesn’t seem realistic to me.

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Well its not in superhero movies because most of those movies and the characters within them are inherently meant for children.

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Which is obviously why BvS should’ve been rated R from the beginning. If they needed a disclaimer before the trailers saying “leave your kids at home” then so be it.

BvS could’ve lead to a Watchmen crossover too. Slowly introducing wieners and melons would at least help the audience prepare for Manhattan.

All opinions are welcome: they cannot, by virtue, be “wrong”. We’re each entitled to our own perspective. Please treat each other with respect and refrain from attacking an individual for their personal tastes.