Anyone Excited For Hush?

If you’re following Batwoman this season, you’ve probably seen that Hush is coming to screen this Sunday! I’m super excited about this, i thought they would wait until next season but they’re pulling the trigger! Also Luke looks like he’s going to transform into his new role as Batwing next season. Fingers crossed.


Not gonna lie, I almost screamed in excitement when I saw him in all his bandaged glory in the trailer for the next episode! Ever since Tommy was first cast for the show, I was hoping that this would be the ultimate endgame for him. I agree that it’s definitely sooner than I thought, though that’s hardly a bad thing. I’m hoping that he can become a recurring villain and show up more beyond just this season


Exactly what i thought when they first introduced him, i thought he’d come back next season as hush. I hope he’s a regular too. What I’m thinking is that they gave him Bruce Wayne’s face and that’s the first time we will get a glimpse of who Bruce Wayne will be.

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Holy crap, that could be amazing! Wanting to emulate Bruce in every way like that would certainly be pretty in character for him

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It was a real let down. I’m very disappointed. Why recycle a Batman villain. Magpie I could see, but Hush is right in their with top 10 Batman villains. Build up her own rogues gallery. Batwoman is not just a female Batman, she is her own character. Stop trying to shove in Batman villains. We don’t need Riddler, Joker, Penguin, or Two-Face either. If anything put her up against Ra’s, since he has already crossed over to multiple CWVERSE shows.

So non-plused and not excited for this. I think it’s unfair to Batwoman as a character.

I wish they saved him for Batman or nightwing (I now we are not getting those shows but a man can dream!)

W/ all the attention Alice has received and the way the show’s teased Safiyah, presumably for a season 2 appearance, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to toss in a few Batman villains like Hush and Magpie. Obviously I don’t want the Batman rogues to take over, but I really don’t think Hush’s inclusion is indicative of that. She’s ultimately a Bat operating in Gotham, so it wouldn’t really make sense if she didn’t encounter some of Bruce’s enemies. There’s been plenty of effort into giving her a rogue’s gallery of her own while also using some villains we haven’t seen much of/at all - lesser-known characters outside of people like Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Ra’s, etc.


Did anyone like Enchantress on LOT? She was okay in my opinion.

She wasn’t really on screen enough for me to form a real opinion about her character. It was just a cool surprise to see her show up like that


Yea i felt the same.

I’ve never been a huge Hush fan, but he’s got a cool look and I like the actor playing Tommy so I’ve been pretty happy with how they’ve used him this season. I definitely think the best way to end the season would be for Tommy to show up with Bruce’s face and try to take Wayne Enterprises from Kate – especially if Team Batwoman are the only people who know he’s a fraud.