Anyone else want Brother Power The Geek on DC Universe

OK. I know it may be just me, but thought I would throw it out there in the hopes that maybe it will lead to it finding it’s way on here someday (all be it not likely the currnent stream of comics we are getting.)

But I am a fan of offbeat and/or lesser known DC comic book heroes, and I always wanted to read Brother Power The Geek just because I know it by reputation, but due to the back issues being so expensive never had. Anyone else get a kick out of it being on here, I mean yeah it won’t likely be the book with the most engagement, but it’s only 2 issues. Even just for a limited time…

Just throwing it out there. :slight_smile:


Sure. I know of it but have never read it. The more kooky and nutty stuff there is to add variety to the comics is fine by me.


I just found out this character exists and I’m fully on board with the everything about him. I wonder if he might be hard to revive since he’s so tied to 60s counterculture but a superhero team set in the 60s or 70s with a rag tag gang of counterculture heroes would be my DREAM