Anyone else think Swamp Thing has pacing issues?

Not saying you have to agree with me. If you’re enjoying the show that’s great! But I feel like the show is over half way through and not much has really happened yet. There’s like 5 different plots going on at once and the only story I’m truly invested in is Abby and Swamp Thing’s. Anyone else feel this way or just me?


It was never meant to be 10 episode show to begin with. They are probably trying their best to fit whatever they filmed to 10 episodes.


Just finished last week’s episode and 100% agree. This is a good not great show. It’s well acted, sometimes beautifully shot, but it drags at times and spends way more time with Avery Sunderland then interest would dictate. Crystal Reed as Abbey is the main thing holding this show together. She’s fantastic. Also, think Blue Devil has promise. They completely missed on Xanadu (generic blind seer) and the Phantom Stranger is wise Fisher dude? The title character? Have we spent enough time with Swampy to get more than passing understanding of what he’s going through? Wish the financials would have added up, because the potential is there, but the show isn’t at least not yet.


I sense some suspicious posting regarding Swamp Thing. Not organic at all.

Absolutely. The side characters perhaps slow things down a bit, but I think the major problem is having to edit 13 episodes down to 10. Episode 3 for instance puts the climax like ten minutes before the end of episode and then closes on a meh note.

I agree with you. The characters are always doing something, yet for some reason it doesn’t feel like much is getting done. It’s also too forced how Abby always has to go back to the swamp and spends little time in the hospital. Swamp Thing’s costume is mostly practical. I don’t understand why we can’t spend more time with him. I feel like he keeps going through big moments in his personal growth off screen.


I don’t think the 13 to 10 is an issue. From the reporting (as faulty as it is) they were given time to write 10 as the finale. Don’t think they have 13 episodes of shooting to turn to 10. And if that were the case, you would definitely question the choices made.

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If this was their original vision, than something really went sideways.

I also don’t understand about why we see so little time with Swampy. The suit is made. Make the no name actor in makeup for three hours a day and get some shots.

Did anybody notice that shot in one episode where ST was in an awkward shot where you could barely see him. It was when he was talking to Abby in episode three or four I think. She had already seen him so it was no mystery. He was just badly lit and awkwardly framed. Why?

And there’s nothing suspicious or inorganic about people having reasoned opinions about a tv show.

wow people sure do have a lot of time creeping on every anti swamp thing post here and making some bad comments about the show. someone here’s got a lot of free time.

After this episode it just went from a 4 hour Horry flick to a night time soap opera.

Alan Moore’s swamp thing had this exact pacing. Swamp thing is not an action character, he a mystery that slowly unfolds. I kove the show, but had my suspicions that if done JUST like the comics, many wont like it. Simmilar thing with Doom Patrol, that was 100% Grant Morrison chaotic wackyness and i am still in shock that everyone loved it as much as ibhave for the last 20 years. If Swamp thing is slow, Sandman (on its way to netflix) is EVEN MORE slow, and not-in linear order, and very confusing until you’ve analyzed it. All of the tv shows based on the old “vertigo” stuff is going to be a VERY different flavor than the “capes”. Spoiler-its rather pointless to have baddies beat on swamp thing…he can’t be killed.


I haven’t read a ton of Moore’s Swamp Thing, but I feel like something of significance was happening in all the issues I have read, and they all spent time with Swamp Thing himself. The series spends virtually no time with the titan character.

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It’s a counterpoint to so many posts about ST being so excellent a show that DCU needs to bring it back regardless of the financial issues around it.

IMO, ST is the least interesting and poorly paced live action DCU Originals show they’ve done. ST is ok and I’ll admit that the practical SFX are great, but it’s not “all that and a bag of chips”.


Some of also have been popping up in these threads because it’s an interesting topic. Some folks, like the great Gibbyhertz absolutely love this show, some of us think it’s good but doesn’t live up to its promise, and it seems a small percentage don’t like it at all.
As for the Moore angle on the character, I would love it if they could pull off an entire episode of Abbey eating Swamp Things fruit and goes on a trippy ride through the Green. Don’t think either character is at that point of development in the show yet, but I would applaud the effort if they tried.

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I wonder how much is that it is really trying to keep to the Morrison run to tightly? It’s good to take a source and read it and analyze it, than put it aside and write the script. Don’t be “a slave” to the source material but keep its core.

I’m not really familiar with Morrison’s run on Swamp Thing, so I’ll admit I’m not sure how closely it’s all matching up.

Doom Patrol did a very good job of keeping core elements but not being tightly bound to the source. Books don’t always translate directly well to film/tv, especially in pacing. I wonder if that may be an aspect of it that isn’t working me.

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DeSade I think the good example of how to draw from source material is Doom Patrol. Morrison’s run was inventive and interesting, but it was also repetitive and full Big Ideas for the sake of Big ideas. The show took that and made it into a more cohesive run. I for one don’t need to see Wolverine in a stupid looking blue and yellow costume when black leather looks more believable on film.

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I want swamp thing back. I loved this show & was really interested in it. You completely destroyed writers, producers, actors & actresses. CW & HBO was considering in picking it up but someone doesn’t wanna release the rights? Good story had to get canned. Help it find a better home please.

Way to expensive and it didn’t get picked up internationally. It’s not coming back. You don’t say “”Hey, you remember that show we did that lost us $60+ Million, we should do that again. Yeah that’s a good idea.”