Anyone else remember Beware The Batman?

I really wish that show was on this service. It was so good but only lasted one season, much like Green Lantern The Animated Series. I especially love how it made use of some of the more obscure members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery


Brooo he was fighting a frog , that’s all in remembering from that show

I liked the fact that katana was his partner

Yes. It was criminally underrated.

My second favorite batman series ever. Soooo underrated, just wish it had more backing and funding, the animation was very plain.

In honor of this thread here’s my beware the batman action figure.

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Yes it was an awesome show. Stinks it had to end but who knows maybe it will be on here someday.

Yeah. I liked it too. It focused more on Bruce as a detective, Katana was cool, the villains were all new to me due to being really obscure, and Alfred was a treat.

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