Anyone else having issues not being able to access comics on Samsung Galaxy?

Never had any problems before but I can’t access any comics tonight on my Samsung Galaxy S8 , when I go to my profile it says oops try again or refresh and it’s been like for a few hours , I’m logged in because I can watch videos just not read comics, anyone else experiencing this?

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I’ve had something similar happen. What I ended up doing was uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. It fixed the problem. You’ll have to re-download any downloads.


Thanks man that actually worked , everything is fine now


Happy to help


This is happening to me now. I hate uninstalling the app, but I’ve had to do it before.

Anytime I try to read a comic, Alfred kept appearing, I unstall the app and reinstall it, it did help a bit.

Getting the same thing now as well
After the reading the five pages of any comic.

Happening to me also