anyone else having a problem entering the fortress of sweepstakes?

I am clicking on the link but it doesn’t do anything

Go to the actual news part don’t use the headline at the top and from there there be another link that takes you to where you want to enter

@Pddb, from what I’ve seen, the link seems to be working now - please let us know if you’re still having trouble!

How do I enter today’s Fortress of Sweepstakes? I never heard about day 1 or 3. It dies don’t show in a search. It is not linked in any page for day 1 or 2 or the Fortress of Sweepstakes page itself. Why is it so hard to find?

@LquOm265,22591, each sweepstakes can be found on the News page of the site. You may also find the announcements every day here in the community Watchtower section, or under Trending Topics. Each post contains a link you can click or copy/paste to find the sweepstakes directly. Hope this helps!