Anyone else getting an error loading certain comics?

So far I’ve only encountered the error when trying to load issues from Justice League/Power Rangers and Nightwing (1996)
I’ve read a handful of other comics that worked just fine throughout every book aside from issue #6 of Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which gave the error about halfway through until I opted for the standard definition version of the page.
I’ve also found that downloading comics that give an error when attempting to load them causes the file to be stuck on the device making it impossible to delete from the app, once I finish watching what I have already downloaded I plan to clear all data from the app to see if it removes the downloaded comics that I can’t read or delete.

I can see if its working on my end, what issues you having trouble with.

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In Justice League/Power Rangers I can’t load any of the 6 issues. I also can’t delete the downloads I have of them

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Ya mine is working. Might wanna post in the proper topic though, i think its suggestion box.

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After uninstalling then reinstalling the app the comics started working correctly

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@ArkhamClown, thanks for letting us know the issue is now resolved! :slight_smile:


This happens to me every once in awhile. Usually I just close the app completely and when I come back in, it’s fine.

I’ve been having trouble deleting the already read comics.

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I have this issue too. It happens often on my Amazon Kindle. As much as I love Alfred, I am tired of seeing him appear as an error on my screen. I have no issues when I read on my computer or laptop. Even my phone it works pretty well.

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If this issue continues, please reach out to the Justice League (Customer Support) for assistance. You can find them by shining the Bat Signal or alternatively you can use this link:

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Yeah I’m running into the same problem too
The only time I could delete downloaded comics was after uninstalling and reinstalling the app but comics downloaded after reinstallation can’t be deleted

I keep getting a “something went wrong with this page error” on every comic I select. One day after getting my subscription. Does anyone know what this is and to resolve .

Heya @tbarbera9.27627 I messaged you back via DM about this! :slight_smile:

& welcome to the community friend!

I have a brand new iPhone and brand new iPad and get this recurring error in both. 3 months ago I subscribed and was experiencing the same issue and I had to cancel. It doesn’t look like it has been resolved. The DC helpdesk doesn’t respond to my email when I disclose the issue. So I do t know what to do. I really liked what I saw for the 1 day I used I’m the app.