Anyone else feel bad for Jason Todd?

I just heard Roy got killed in heroes in Crisis. I guess Jasons dark path will go even darker until Artemis and Bizarro get back to him to knock some sense into him. Shame to because I really liked his redemption arch with being accepted back into the Bat family.

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I’m not even that big of a Red Hood fan and all I wanna do is just hug him ;-;

It’s funny I came in as a Batman reader just about two issues after Jason died. So to me he was this Robin who died in the line of duty and was as revered in the Bat-family as Barry Allen was to…well everyone else. (I actually only read Jason’s Robin arc in it’s entirety two years ago!) When I read the Death in the Family trade paperback, the comment that stuck with me the most was “It would be a really sleazy thing to bring him back!” And they didn’t bring him back for some time either. Oh they made him into a "force Ghost’ a couple of times for Tim and Dick. but he was still categorically deceased that whole time. When tptb finally did bring him back it was as more of a villain than as a hero and I had a hard time getting invested in a character who resorts to beheading the underlings of his competition… However, after red Hood and the outlaws came out i found myself respecting Jason a bit more. when Damian died and Bruce dragged Jason to Ethiopia to get some kind of insight into how to bring damian back, I was as angry at Bruce as Jason was. When Jason was brought back into the Bat-family as a grudgingly accepted member I felt that his total redemption was close at hand. now I missed much of this most recent run following rebirth. penguin captures and tortures Jason, jason is rescued (or escapes) and kills Penguin publicly. (If that’s so why is Batman working with the penguin this coming December? do we have a new Pengy so soon?) my biggest complaint is that the big confrontation between Jason and Bruce ended in a no contest. I really didn’t feel they settled things the way they were supposed to.

I can’t believe they killed Roy…i was really enjoying his character in rebirth

Kill him off again. The fans voted previously to kill him off, he should have stayed dead.

It was actually one guy who called the number with a machine every 5 minutes that killed him off. There is a snippet from a documentary about that detail.

Love Jason. While it was a great thing to see him get more comfortable with the batfamily, he has always been an outsider. It sucks his buddy is desd, and that Bruce jumped the gun on Jason actions with the Penguin. I imagine eventually they will reconcile. Long live Jason Todd.

It’s just a bad time to be a Robin