Anyone Else Concerned About DC Universe’s Future?

With the seeming cancellation of Swamp thing show, is anyone else concerned about the future of this service as a whole? I may be overreacting, but with the incoming Disney and WB Streaming Services I’m starting to think that DC Universe may be one of the early casualties of the Streaming Wars. I’m hoping that the service will at least continue if only as a digital comic subscription service in the vein of Marvel Unlimited. What do you guys think?


From the sound of it, it looks like Swamp Thing was a special case due to mismanagement of funds on the side of North Carolina and the tax rebates they promised.

Now, if other shows were getting similarly hit, that might be more cause for concern.


I’m worried too. I know there are people out there saying that DC Universe is doing fine but there still seems to be signs. AT&T officially purchased Time Warner after the DC Universe service was announced and shows were in production. I keep feeling like they dont care about it and would like to cancel it. I wouldn’t doubt if they cancel the service and just move all the shows over to the Warner Media service when it launches and ax everything else (community, comics, etc)


I am. I can see it lasting another year at most especially if we don’t see any commitments to future content.


I’m cautiously optimistic. Hopefully they make some announcements soon of new shows or new seasons to set people at ease.


Dude we’re still in shambles after MoS/BVS/Znyder and his cult. DC as a whole. Except Animation and comic well not really Tom King.

Swamp Thing being cancelled is very dissapointing, but I think the strength of the service is still in comics. As long as they keep the comic library as it is, I’m not concerned.


DC is skipping comicon tho

Unfortunately yes

The UI for this is horrible also.

I think it will depend on the Comics Library which Warner Brothers wont want and where Original Content goes.

Trade Sales on New 52 and Rebirth is less than 10k for top titles so Dc Comics cant rely on that. Rely on old trades like Watchmen etc. Fact that trades not selling is a reason we got big library. Lots of people still prefer print and splash pages not as good so giving Readers sample then buy Trade approach.

Also DC desperately needs new readers That why we got three comic book graphic novel lines for younger readers

We will not get the recent movies. They will go to WB Streaming Services.

Problem Warner Brothers will give many more viewers than a niche service like DC Universe. Best we can hope for is Original Content on both services with DC Universe only a week ahead in episodes.

I’m optimistic about the future since swamp things cancellation was an accident and everything seems good to me

@TheBronxBatman While I share your concerns about borrowed time, announcing something that negative at or during Comic Con would be a disastrous PR move.


I’m more concerned about people who jump to conclusions without facts.


I’m also really worried because I love having characters go the live action route. I’m still mostly here for just the comics. Should I hold out hold that someday there will be a PS4 app?

I’m pretty worried about DC in general. Sounds like they are folding Vertigo and numerous collections have just been cancelled. There were those rumors a couple months back that they were going to drastically cut their publications as well.

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This is already disastrous people are cancelling their subscriptions as we speak. They did this to themselves, they (WB/ATT) betrayed us fans and abused our trust. They set the fire.

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Maybe but I don’t know how much longer I will be around here

There’s too many streaming services as it is. If Doom Patrol was on HBO, there would have been all types of water cooler talk. The awesomeness of that show is held back because it’s on here. They could be making money from all types of merchandising too. I want a Funko Robotman and Crazy Jane.

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Am I worried? No. The comics will always be there so will the movies, shows, etc. Whether they are consumed via DCU, WB, Netflix, Comixology, physical comics, network TV…I think is besides the point, at least for this fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the DCU app and will continue to support it…and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you great people here. I just feel like if you look at the big picture, as far as DC is concerned, there’s not that much to worry about. Things will evolve…because they always do…and that’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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