Anyone curious about the Teen Titans omnibus?

Anyone have a clue when the Teen Titans omnibus ships for the DC UNIVERSE pre-order folks? It was mentioned a BUNCH during the pre launch show and then was never spoken of again.

I think there was miscommunication who would actually receive one Because I don’t think everyone who preorder gets one

It was only for people that had questions read on the pre show that had already preordered the 15 month deal

You sure about that? I just watched it back and Kev mentions it all over the place about that omnibus, champ. Just saying. Not complaining, I am LOVING this service so far.

He said for the people who asked the question and already preordered. I thought the same thing but I watched it again.

He clearly states it’s for those who had their questions answered live… multiple times

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Yeah, this has been asked to death. Was only for the people who had questions asked on the show. It was very obvious, but seems many people didn’t pick up on it.