Anybody read The Kitchen?

Anybody read it yet in anticipation of the movie? The movie comes out this week.

It was not bad. I though I wasn’t going to like it but it kept my interest. Very dark and mob like story.

I recommend to read if you are supporting the movie. I believe you can read all issues in Comixology Unlimited.


I only read it because the movie was coming out and I ended up enjoying it a lot. Totally worth! It is available with a ComiXology Unlimited subscription I might add


I also read it from Comixology Unlimited, and it was a really strong, gripping read. Looking forward to seeing how they adapt it for the movie.


I loved it. I have a feeling the movie won’t be as good, I’m
Still looking forward to seeing it translated into love action tho.


its on Hoopa for free.

its on Hoopa for free.

I read it on Comixology Unlimited too. Looking forward to the flick.

Never heard of it, but i trust ypu cats, so AFTER !ois meets pat boone its on the list