Anybody else wana see a fight between DC's Green Arrow and Marvel's Hawkeye?

If I had to guess a winner I would put my money on green arrow. They both would be evenly matched but when they run out of there arrows then it would be hand to hand combat. Green arrow has more training was “Al Sal hem” (heir to the demon or next ra al ghoul) he has bested ra al ghoul in combat using a sword which is Ra al ghoul’s choice of weapon.

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that would be cool to see and i only know a little bit of each character but I think Ollie takes it. His accuracy is just as impressive he might even be a better shot. Once the arrows run out it, comes down to h2h. And here is where Arrow wins. He’s taken on Deadshot & toe to toe with Batman.

Only fight with a DC vs Marvel counterpart where I pull for Marvel.

Hawkeye is so much cooler than Green Arrow.

Green arrow

I’m pretty sure there is a death battle for that on YouTube

Ismahawk did a Minute Match Upon on YouTube of the two characters fighting it out. I love those guys. You should watch it if you haven’t already.

Ollie would murder Clint in a hand to hand combat showdown. Archery-wise they are evenly matched.