Anybody else collecting Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age Omnibus Collections?

If so, which ones do you have?

I have the two Supergirl Silver-Age omnibuses. I love the format, I will probably be getting more of them.

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I read on Amazon review that it only collects the Action Comic issues. There were some comics missing that were part of the Showcase edition. If DC Comics includes those supporting (and one main) issues into the Omnibus vol. 3 like they did with Justice League of America Silver Age Omnibus vol. 2 with the Mystery in Space #75, then I would probably collect those. Despite this, I have the first Omnibus because I love the New 52 peel back DC logo- it seems the most like a comic.

Too much $

Not if you want DC comics to reproduce original comics in a chronological publishing order. Plus, omnibuses save space and price if you tried to collect the archive, chronicle, or volume versions that would cover the same issues.

I am slow on getting new books but I am collecting the World’s Finest SA in TPB. The hardcover omni are just too big for me to enjoy reading. They are heavy and too many pages. I am one of the few that loved the Kirby HC and Classic Library editions. The paper used was close to feeling like it was a comic and very lightweight.

Have all the batmans and the paper justice leagues. Want the beonze age justice league and the detriot era one. Have the 2 brave and the bold. Get tgen at a shop in Bmore where they have 50% sales. Also go to for nearly 50% off

I don’t know about “collecting.” But I have Batman: The Golden Age Vol 1-4 digitally. Also have the first three volumes of Flash: The Silver Age. And some early Lantern stuff too. Hal, not Alan.

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I really want to but I don’t have a job at the moment which kinda doesn’t help my moolah situation. When I can start buying them which should I get?

@HanSolo I only have the first volume of the Golden Age Batman because of a shocking scene that occurs on the last page of Detective Comics #42 “The Case of the Prophetic Pictures”. I also have an issue with the Bronze Age Justice League volumes because they have not completed the Silver Age run and the Bronze Age will reference the Silver. While occasionally have a good price, I purchase the Omnibuses from a variety of websites: Abebooks, Zavvi, Amazon, and ebay. I find who is selling the cheapest by Google searching the Omnibus and when an item says “+25 options” or something along those lines, I find the cheapest that way. I don’t believe sold an Omnibus for under $50, but I could be wrong.

@4GRANTed Do all the silver age Flash include crossovers? I know the volume 1 crosses over with Green Lantern which crosses over with Flash and the Justice League. If so, I would get rather annoyed with having to read part of Flash volume 2 only to read Green Lantern volume 2 numerous times. Despite this, I am still waiting for Flash volume 2 to be on sale and then I will purchase it only because Reverse-Flash makes his first appearance and Iris ans Barry “get married”. I know this because the synopsis of this volume on Amazon addresses it, so I apologize if this was a spoiler for anyone.

@jakemartino24.75156 Hopefully, you will be able to get a job soon. I know that finding a good job is difficult, but maybe an opening will appear. But once you can purchase Omnibuses, it depends on what you are interested in. The Golden Age volumes I have read have been quite violent and/or include numerous threats. If you want a full detailed explanation, I can provide one, but will include a spoiler. Then, the Silver Age tones it down, in part due to the Comic Code Authority. Then, for Bronze Age, I only recommend Swamp Thing because the other Omnibuses in this era have been adapted from other ages whereas his conception and first appearance occurred in that volume. For more information, I recommend watching “The Secret Origins of DC Comics” because it goes into more detail and the duration is roughly one hour. There are also Omnibuses in the modern age, but the majority I am aware of are just adaptations of the characters from previous ages. Obviously, I love to talk about the Omnibuses because I am strict on collecting in chronological publishing order (unless previous iterations are unavailable like Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick), so if you want to share what characters you are familiar with, enjoy, or what part of DC Comics interests you the most, I’d be happy to help select an Omnibus that can help you gain more knowledge of this world.

@abfgmsw - I’m currently on Vol 3, which covers only The Flash #133-147. The only other thing it’s had so far are the Showcases where Barry started. According to the chronology I’ve been using (see below), I’ve missed some things. Most of it has been JL. But when I started this venture, I decided I needed several characters under my belt before I jumped into that. Since then I’ve kind of been all over the place (as much as my OCD will allow). In some instances, based on the chronology, I’ve gone to dcwiki and read a summary of specific issues. That’s mostly how I made it from Golden Age to 1993 with Catwoman, how I “read” most of Jay Garrick, Doctor Fate and some other things. It’s definitely been a more daunting task that I expected, which is probably while I’ve started bouncing around a little.

Also, @abfgmsw, it depends on which collection you get. There are some that have multiple titles, and their are some that only are character specific.

Other good/odd places to check sometimes are websites that sell textbooks

Oh sorry i get the paper ones from cheapgraphicETC. The hardbacks are the ones i get at the half price sales. Yeah, golden aged comics were a bit violent and very politically incorrect.

I also dont mind the violence because it seems like they used it to teach kids how ridiculously wasteful a life of crime would be. I believe they were still geared towards kids at that time as odd as that sounds.


@Han - agreed. And sometimes the cheese is awesome

@4GRANTed I was mistaken. I thought you had the Omnibuses, but volume 3 containing Flash #133-147 would be the paperback versions. For your first two volumes, the only crossovers were the Justice Society of America and Green Lantern. I am not sure about the volume 3. I just hope DC Comics releases a Golden Age Flash Omnibus, so I can actually see the material in its original form and not a synopsis online.

@absgmsw - No Ombnibuses here. Everything is digital. And I could only find Collections of the old stuff. Unless I wanted to spend tons of money.