Any word on when Garth Ennis Demon or Joe Kubert Sgt. Rock is coming to app?

Any updates on the following series?

A) Garth Ennis The Demon
B) Joe Kubert Military comics
C) Warren Ellis Stormwatch
D) Howard Chaykin Blackhawk and the Shadow


Hopefully soon. There is a big comic suggestion thread over in the Suggestion/Support forum. I suggest going over there and adding your voice especially since at least three of us have already chimed in for the Demon :wink:

The only one they have right now Sgt Rock ; The Prophecy Joe Kubert

I believe The Shadow is now being printed by Dynamite Comics. They’re publishing not only the Chaykin series and the first cycle of the Mark Millar book, but also the older stuff like Hitler’s Astrologer and some recent new stuff as well.


Bummer. That chaykin mini and the hefler series that followed were batcrap crazy awesome.

I would assume they are either dvd only or coming with the movie attachment release.

I hope they add more from the Demon series, pre and post Garth Ennis run, that was some good stuff there.

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