Any way to watch this on a larger screen?

I find myself wishing I could watch DC Universe on my TV. Is there like an app I don’t know about or a way around that? Bc that would be awesome

There are a few different ways you can super-size your DC Universe experience!

Check out this list of supported devices to see which would be best for you:


What I do is run an HDMI from my computer to my TV, works slick!

Before I got my Amazon Fire TV stick, I would plug in my laptop to the hdmi port on my TV. I never had technical problems by doing that but it just got tiresome. I would also use AirPlay whenever I was at my sister’s house since she had a 3rd generation Apple TV.

Before I had a Roku unit, I cast from my desktop to the TV. Different browsers have a casting function. Easy peasy.


The app supports chromecast.


Roku works but is slow. Wish they would release an xbox app

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I use a Roku, I bought one for 30 bucks, works great!

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Roku’s been a godsend since the day I got it.

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I adore my Roku. It works splendidly.

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You can try to use smart view /mirror setting with a device that is compatible with the app (phone or tablet) and sync it to a smart tv.

It’s on firestick if you have that.

Both my phone and my TV support MHL, so I got an adapter for $15. It works great!

@Vroom chrome has a casting function built in? I could have been casting to my TV all this time???
Oh well. I’m using Firestick now, and I love it. :blush:

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Another useless post about this topic???

@LW, yeah Chrome can cast to TVs. I haven’t used it since joining the Roku fold, but it worked pretty darn well.