Any updates on release schedule on NEW shows?

Or than Titans?

Really impatient for Young Justice and Harely Quinn?

Any word on when they will be available?

After Titans. Basically, they’ve said that their plan is to launch at least one piece of new, original content every Friday of the week, so after Titans finishes up, we’ll likely have Young Justice, then likely Doom Patrol, then Swamp Thing, and so on.


Would like to see more new content. So sad we have to wait.

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Titans and Young Justice Outsiders are the only original shows that appear to be in the can and ready to air. Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol just barely announced casting for some key roles. You’re talking about at least 4-5 months of filming for 10-13 episodes each and then post production. I wouldn’t expect those shows to launch until maybe next Summer at the soonest.