Any tips on avoiding craahes?

Can never get through even half an issue without app crashing, is it better to download first? Wifi or Data make difference? SD/HD? Anything??

I’ve never had it crash maybe it’s your wifi

I don’t understand people who say they don’t have crashes. I’ve had crashes on a half dozen different devices.

I’ve just grown used to it. It seems most stable on laptops to me. If it fails, reboot it. Thankfully. It takes like twenty seconds to close the app, boot it back up and return to your comic. The infrastructure of the site just isn’t that stable.

Downloading first has worked for me. I have still had some errors but they are not as bad and they are much less common.

The problem is that the app constantly asks for more and more memory. In technical terms, there appears to be no ‘garbage collection’, which is deleting memory space when no longer needed.

I delete the cache when the app becomes unstable, but that removes all downloads. If there is still a lot of memory allocated to the app, i delete that, which means I have to login with email and password.
A couple of times i had to uninstall and reinstall.

I have an Android phone

I’m on an iPhone. Don’t leave the app in the middle of reading a comic. Close the comic first. Ever since I’ve started doing this I haven’t had any crashes with comics.

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We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with the DC Universe app crashing, @JimmyHaole. For this issue, I would sincerely suggest contacting our Support Team for more assistance. They might be able to offer even more advice. You can contact them here: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

I’ll also be moving this thread to Support and Feedback in just a moment.

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Thanks for the feedback all. I’ll DL books first though I hate that idea. Cache checkups too.