Any Tim Drake Comics

What are some amazing Tim Drake comics that I can read if I’ve never read a comic with him? I enjoy reading about all of the other Robins but Tim is one I just haven’t read much of. It doesn’t matter if the comic has him as Robin or Red Robin. I just want some Tim. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tim Drake! You’re gonna want to start with A Lonely Place of Dying, the story arc which introduced him to Batman’s life.

Then, he got three miniseries which slowly introduced him to the world as Robin:

Robin (1991) – Robin is trained by Lady Shiva, and meets his first nemesis: King Snake!

Robin II: The Joker’s Wild – Robin’s first encounter with The Joker!

Robin III: Cry of the Huntress – Robin/Huntress team-up!

Trial runs complete, Tim Drake is now ready to enter the ongoing DC Universe:

Robin (1993) – Robin’s legendary nearly 200 issue solo run!

Young Justice (1998) – Robin’s original and dearest superhero team!

Teen Titans (2003) – Robin takes charge of the Teen Titans proper!

Red Robin – Robin takes a new codename, and goes on a global search for Bruce Wayne!

The New 52 - Ignore this era!

Detective Comics (2016) – Batwoman and Tim head up a new team of Gotham heroes!


Question’s list above is pretty good, but I will note two things:

  1. Tim’s debut actually begins with the four-parter Batman: Year Three, which sets up the events of A Lonely Place of Dying. Both stories are written by Marv Wolfman.

  2. If you actually want to check out some New 52 Tim Drake stories, then Teen Titans (2011) and Batman Eternal are suitable entry points.


Dang, I did not expect to get two replies that would be this useful! Thank you two! I will try this stuff out!!!


I wanted to pop in to thank these heroes as well! It’s always such a pleasure to see our members jumping in to help suggest new content, offer comic suggestions, and more. I’ve definitely noticed your quick call to action, @HubCityQuestion and @AlexanderKnox! :smiley:


Do I need to read all of the Robin series or just the Chuck Dixon stuff? And do I need to read the 3 miniseries before it, or can I read the series whenever I like

I started the Chuck Dixon run completely blind to all DC comics, way back when. You’d be fine skipping the miniseries, but issue one, if I’m remembering correctly, does start in the middle of other drama (Azrael being nutty while assuming the cowl for Bruce). That confused me a little, but it’ll be easy enough to catch on.


If you want a good idea of what Tim is like, you really should read at least the first two miniseries.


Agree that you should read them, but don’t think you need to from the get-go, since it sounds like you might prefer to skip for now (and hopefully head back).

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Read anything other than the New 52 junk. You can’t go wrong with Tim. He’s the best Robin and one of the best DC characters to come from the 90’s (well, late 89, but all of his real character developments occurred after Chuck Dixon fleshed him out starting in 1991). HubCityQuestion has the best reading order.

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One of the first things I did when I started comics was read through the whole Robin series. I started with the 3 mini series and moved on to the main one after that. As I recall the main series starts with a couple crossovers involving the rest of the Bat-family, so it is a little confusing. But I did enjoy the 3 mini-series and it is a great intro to his character before starting the main series.

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Alright I will try it. Thanks for the advice

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