Any thoughts on Justice League Dark: Apokolips War?

I super excited for the new animated movie that’s coming out, how bout you guys?



Getting some Infinity War and Endgame vibes


It definitely feels like they’re marking the end of an era with this movie. If this is going to be the end of this series of animated movies, I honestly wouldn’t mind if they went back to just making standalone movie adaptations of classic graphic novels.


I think that it will be pretty epic.

A move towards single story arcs (such as Judas Contract) would be good. They’ve had success with Elseworlds. I’d love to see them do Sinestro wars, blackest night as a 3 film grouping.



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I partially agree with this… I just don’t think it goes far enough. I’d love to see more ORIGINAL movies come out with their own dynamic direction and style, like Batman: Ninja.


I love the DCAMU and can’t wait to see where this one goes. Darkseid’s skirmishes on Earth in Justice League: War and The Death and Return of Superman have the League taking the fight to him, but it looks like it’ll have consequences. I love the build up to this and am curious where the DCAMU goes after this one.


I think this is truly what we’ve been waiting for, after some lack luster animated movies like Hush & Bloodlines, this should be an awesome shake up to the mix. Really hoping we get some Dr.Fate action also. Otherwise I’m very excited for this! Hope it comes to DC Universe ASAP after Initial release


I’d be more excited if Mister Miracle and Big Barda were involved. In a fight like this they should be involved. Where???

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I hope that in May, all of the DCAMU movies are on the app all at once so I can watch the ones I haven’t seen.

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Blackest Night trilogy. I like where your heads at. :facepunch:t3:

Excited for this… or any JLD, really. But I do love a good epic—this’ll fit the bill.

i’m superrrrr excited about it. dc films are always exciting to look forward to but with this film being the conclusion to the dcamu, i’m very excited to see how it all turns out

The movie will hopefully be great almost all the animated DC movies are great

I just wish the series of movies wasn’t ending. I would love to see more teen titans after Judas contract because the teen titans of this universe are great.

Maybe they’ll return to this Universe every now and then. I loved what they’ve done with Superman and want to see that continue.

The question is, where do they go from here…? I know they’ve got something coming up called Superman:Man of Tomorrow but I have a feeling that’s gonna be it’s own thing.

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Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go through this whole adventure and then Constantine fixes everything with magic and sets up a reboot of the movies similar to what they did with Flashpoint. I’m not entirely sure if Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox counts officially as the kick-off point for this animated movie universe, but if it did, then there’s a halfway decent chance that this movie is gonna push the franchise into more of a Rebirth (or heck, even 5G) direction.


This is what I want also! Blackest night animated movie would be sick!

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Well I am always excited about a new DC animated movie. This will be the third time this Justice league goes toe to toe with Darkside. I am hoping it will not be their last movie, plenty more enemies out there.