Any suggestions...?

What’s up DC nation!? So I am looking for some recent (within the last 5 years) arcs to peruse. Anything to do with Superboy (Conner Kent not Jon Kent) at the top of that list please lol!

I’m a long time DC fan but I fell off in 2013 and have been trying to find a jumping on point again but it’s hard to tell where. Seems like it’s been reboot central recently and I’d prefer not to fall in love with a character that’s already been unrecognizably retconned.

Thanks for any assistance folks, you’re my heroes!

green lantern, the 2005 series, top shelf stuff

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Unfortunately, Conner Kent hasn’t really had any great storylines since the start of the New 52. But that may be about to change in Brian Michael Bendis’s new Young Justice series! The first issue came out last week.


That’s unfortunate but yes to YJ!! Gonna pick that up for sure, thanks!

I do have the 2005 Green Lantern run, a great flushing out of that corner of the multiverse!

I’m looking for some more recent recommendations actually. Anything past 2013, any tpb’s or events that are worth a look or even to just help re-orient me in the current DCU?

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