Any Suggestions for Someone Who Doesn’t Really Know What To Read?


I have tried finding a lot of series to read but haven’t found anything that I have really stuck with. If anyone here has any suggestions for good comics that would be appreciated.



Welcome, Walker! The answer to that question really depends on the kind of reader you are, though! No book is going to be universally loved by all people, it depends on your taste. Tell us about the sorts of stories you like, and it’ll help us make a better recommendation for you.

Based on your Batman avatar, I’m going to recommend you read BATMAN: EGO AND OTHER TAILS —one of my favorite Batman story collections. Search for it on DCUI!


Thank you

Agree regarding needing to know what interests you. However, if it’s just raw suggestions you are looking for, I’d like to point you to great this topic (created and managed by @HubCityQuestion). Folks were asked to provide 1, and only 1, recommendation for a “DCUI Library”, with no repetitions. DCUI links are provided where available. A great place to fish for stuff, in my opinion.

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Secret Origins the Story of DC Comics

In that hour and a half you will get a good overview of most of our comic book library. It was filmed in 2009 so of course can’t talk about newer than that

The DC History Club has this video as the topic for the month of September 2020

This is my complete list for New DC Readers. It is intended to introduce most of the major characters of the universe at a basic level. It is by year.

This is my
Batman for new readers

if you want to learn significant events in super hero genre history. Most significant issues are mentioned here. It is by year

if you want to learn how Superman Batman.and Wonder Woman were created


Pay attention to the creators, especially the writer(s) and penciler(s). Follow the ones who made something you like.

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First, Welcome! Second, Can you tell us what kind of books you’re looking for. Are you looking for something good or want a specific character?

@Walker: Pay heed to @TurokSonOfStone1950’s suggestions and you can’t go wrong.

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It would be easier to tell you what NOT to read.