Any recommendations on tablet for reading digitally?

I’m looking to get a tablet primarily for just reading comics and not sure what to really look for? I’m thinking the obvious things such as screen resolution, size and probably storage space but other than that anyone have any recommendations?

Also probably be reading mostly DC universe and marvel unlimited if that matters.

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Anything that’s not a Kindle should do the job, because Amazon likes to keep Marvel Unlimited off of there because they want people to use their ComiXology service. I’ve heard that DC Universe works slightly better on devices that use Android, but I’ve also heard Marvel Unlimited works better on devices that use iOS, so it really depends on what you want to do.

DCU and Comixology both look great on the 10.5" ipad.

I would like to add another iPad vote. I’ve used both the apps you mention on mine and they both look great and run smoothly. You can also use the iOS App Store to effectively manage your subscriptions to the apps. Lastly, if you decide at some point that you want to use your tablet for more than reading comics, you will have a whole universe open to you.

My Samsung Galaxy 10.5 Tab A has served me extremely well for comic book and non-comic book purposes. It was also significantly cheaper than an iPad.

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Anything 10 inches or larger would be the best.

I myself find a 7" to 8" is good, but anything over that is a little much to carry around when traveling. I have an older Samsung Galaxy Tab III and a Kindle Fire HD 10, and I prefer the 7" screen on the Samsung because it fits in the palm of my hand sand only requires one hand to operate. It can also fit in my coat pocket. The Kindle Fire HD 10, although newer has a 10" screen and requires two hands to operate. I have to keep it in my luggage bag when I don’t want to carry it in my hands. Just for the record, you can read comics on the Kindle Fire HD through the Comixology app, but to read comics on the DCUSS, you have to do that through a web browser. The DCUSS app still is not available for Kindles, but there is a workaround where you can download the app through Atoid.

I’d recommend a regular size iPad, my iPad mini I find a bit to small. But my eyes ain’t as good as they used to be, so that might explain why I think the iPad mini is to small.

I utilize a galaxy tab a for both. Not sure if they still make them or not. The screen is perfect for comics. I use Comixology unlimited, MU, and DCU all on it. The screen is big enough to where it feels like I actually have a comic before me. I can’t recommend the Samsung Galaxy tab series enough for reading digital comics.

So for Xmas I splurged and got myself an iPad Pro 12.9, the screen is beyond beautiful and when reading comics the colors just jump out at you, plus it’s pretty much actual-sized for comics so it’s perfect. I love it.

I have a Surface Pro 3 that works amazing for reading comics. It’s pretty old, but runs fantastic and is great for reading a whole page at a time as opposed to panel by panel.

I also have a Kindle Fire 7 inch. Like the super cheap one. If you sideload the dc universe app, it runs OK. Not great, but not awful either. Just a little slow sometimes loading.

Again that Kindle fire tablet is probably three years old or so. I imagine the new ones would run it much better. Sideloading the app is not hard either. That’s probably the most cost efficient way to read comics on a tablet.