Any Really Good Superman Series?

What is a good Superman series to get into for a beginning reader?


They have action comics of Superman when he first appear to the 60s I think, and World finest is good too. :slightly_smiling_face: I would also add Superman Adventures, sadly that’s gone, maybe someday they’ll bring it back.

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Read Tomasi version of Superman, in Rebirth.

Best version of Clark, Lois and Young son Jon ever written.


It’s not here yet, but I would suggest John Byrne’s Man of Steel. The first ever Superman reboot that actually worked. It added depth and humanity to the character. Suddenly Clark Kent was as interesting as Superman. Lois realized her full potential and the city of Metropolis–like its dark neighbor Gotham–became a "character’ in the series.


A great series would be Superman: American Alien, especially for new readers. It takes several episodes from his youth and explores how he grew up to become the man he is. Imo, it is one of Superman’s best series ever.


Well, of course there are! There’s a ton of great Superman titles one can start with =)

Read The Man of Steel mini-series from 1986. Then John Byrne’s follow-up work on Superman and Action Comics. A vigorous read of The Adventures of Superman will do wonders too.

For more modern fare, check out the DC Universe Rebirth material from Action Comics and Peter Tomasi’s work on the core Superman book. I also enjoy Bendis’ work on the current Superman series. The current issues of Supergirl are fun too.

Hope that can provide a good starting ground for ya =)


All Star Superman is the best Superman story ever.

I’ll put a word in for Superman for All Seasons, my favorite Jeph Loeb story under DC. You can find it here.

I’d definitely start with Superman and Action Comics Rebirth.
Here’s a good reading order:

DC Universe Rebirth #1
Action Comics Vol. 1
Superman Vol. 1
Action Comics Vol. 2
Action Comics Vol. 3
Superman Vol. 2
Superman Vol. 3
Superman Reborn
Superman Vol. 4
Action Comics Vol. 4
Superman Oz Effect
Superman Vol. 5
Superman Vol. 6

Just look at amazon or a wiki on what volumes contain what issues. I stopped at the last complete volume for each series.
Superman Reborn I don’t think is available. If its not just know that superman merges with the old continuity and that the history explained in Action Comics Volume 4 is the new continuity. Don’t worry about what this means yet!

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Thanks everyone.

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I agree with what everyone has said about rebirth. Also an interesting story is Superman red son. It is a what if scenario, so it is easy to jump into

Superman For All Seasons is a great starting point. John Byrnes Man of Steel run isn’t a bad choice either.

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