Any other Imaginext collectors?

Fisher-Price’s Imaginext line is on the fast track to becoming the greatest, widest, most diverse and fully encompassing DC toyline ever. Who else is collecting them either for yourself or your kids? (My collection started for my daughter ten years ago and now it’s all me lol!)


I dig it. Just got the Aquaman with the blue and gray seahorse from the Aquaman assortment at Barnes and Noble.

You’re right about the line’s longevity. It’s been in production for ten years and change now.


I own some, u can maybe see captain marvel on tawky tawny where I posted my collection on share your collection or whatever it’s called. I love it, I went to big lots and went to the toy aisle and saw it for $8 and it was what I went looking for. I brought it to the register and said yes this is what I was looking for. He looked up at me like I was insane and said “what is it” I had no good reply.


Just went into back it’s actually the post right below yours called show off your DC shrine