any one els excited for the harly Quinn tv show

Cant wait for harly’s tv show


Not really, waiting for T2, DP2 and Stargirl

I’m excited for Harley’s show. Especially because it’s rated “R”. Not that I’m some deviant that’s looking forward to adult themed content. Simply because it’s perfect, (dare I say,) necessary to Harleys’ character, that she is free to be herself, as represented in her comics, show appearances etc. She’s a rated “R” character. This show will allow her to be the no hold barred Harley all of her fans have come to know & love.

I think I’d be more excited if I liked the voice cast more, some are kinda “meh” to me but if the writings good I’ll be somewhat happy.

I think the “R” rated cartoon will be a good fit for this character. I believe we have a Birds of Prey trailer coming our way Friday.

Big time

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