Any more news on why Swamp Thing was canceled ?

I dont mean the tax credit smoke screen. I’ve not given up hope on the network reconsidering. Neither have a lot of people. The fact it’s playing in Canada currently is a good sign. Just wondering if and when we will get an official stament other than " We can not make a statement at this time" . Respectfully #SaveSwampThing

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We don’t know why it was cancelled. The tax thing was confirmed as false. Some people say that it cost more to make than it made, but if that were the reason they wouldn’t have cancelled it so early. So we have no idea. It’s probably due to circumstances out of anybody’s control. Or at least that’s what I think.

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Applejack said she did not know but also that is not the habit of businesses having to explain why something was or not done

Me Their only obligation is to increase profit for their shareholders. For top management in AT&T and Warners Brothers Swamp Thing did not do that, especially when no one wanted it internationally.

No one at DCU is at the level that they could answer your question.

And the higher management neither want to or have to answer it. The Swamp and Underwater sets no longer exist. The matter is closed.

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We just need to move on from this.


No, you move on. Lol

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But seriously though everyone in my press outlet gets asked daily about this situation, and lack of info. And some of you are incorrect . Usually an official statement is made with at least something. If people had closure then it could probably be put to bed.

Heya @haydenstorm, Community Manager for DC Universe here. This was as official or public an announcement that was permitted:

We are focusing on the future of our content and ensuring our service is the best it can be moving forward. Any further comment on Swamp Thing is highly unlikely.


I understand you are just doing your job. But this is highly disappointing to a lot of people. Thank you for the response.

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It’s been months, I think we just need to let it go. The speed with which is was cancelled suggests that-whatever the reason- the studio doesn’t want to go forward with the show. That’s not something we can change, even as fans. At the end of the day, we don’t call the shots, a bunch suits in a board room do.

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It was disappointing that it was cancelled. The show had promise. The original programming here such as Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice Outsiders all were given more support than Swamp Thing and have been very successful. Swamp Thing was doomed from the start and never had the chance to develop into its potential. That show was a reason why some people subscribed to DC Universe and many will have left because of the cancellation. We may not be able to get the decision makers at the service to change their minds, but we can at least let them know they are letting their fans down.


Can y’all just move on already


There is no one at DC Universe who was in any way responsible for the cancellation of Swamp Thing.

There is no one in Top Managemrnt who reads threads in this forum.

The million dollar Swamp and Underwater sets have been torn apart. There will not be a second season for that reason alone.

Let it go.