Any Lobo

What are some good Lobo stories? I would like see some of him because people seem to like him

Rebirth Justice League of America We learn Lobo has a soft spot :slight_smile:

Honestly I like the story a lot because he’s still “the main man.” We get some of his backstory and explore how his physiology works. It also shows us how he works when placed in a team. If you’re looking for a very recent on the shelf one shot check out Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night as well.


I’m working my way thru the solo titles. Did the 1990’ 4 issue mini & 1992’ Lobos Back. I googled a Lobo reading order. There’s enough on here to fill in the blanks. Most (if not all) of the missing titles are one shots or special editions. The JLOA ones mentioned above were really good. Plus, if u watch HQ, the Queen of Fables has a storyline in it. (JLOA) that is.

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His original ongoing series and The Authority/Lobo one-shot are some of my favorites to feature The Main Man.