Any issues that don’t deal with the Multiverse?

So I learned that The Flash was the first comic to portray alternate universes.

I had tried reading Crisis on Infinite Earths beforehand and before I learned more about the multiverse itself in comics, especially here in DC Comics.

Once, I thought all this started with Avengers: Endgame (Marvel, the enemy here) kicking off the multiverse in movies and making loads of money in the process compared to what DC established here in comic books.

I think its because Marvel sold out years ago to the industry and made it big while we DC folks took a different path.

I’m actually skeptical of the multiverse now that Marvel popularized it and DC established it years prior to right now.

I’m religious, so that’s why.

What comics don’t have this kind of writing, whatever the issue may be?

Maybe the Golden Age Batman I was reading before I tried Infinite Earths?

All in all, I just want to read a comic book.

Besides, I have bigger things I believe in.

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there are lots of comics that don’t have alternate universe stuff you could pick almost any comic and that would be the case. in any case there is nothing biblically wrong with alternate universes.


I’ve got to agree with @storyteller91 here. Most issues don’t touch the multiverse. Everything prior to Flash #123 will be “multiverse free,” but keep in mind how the multiverse came to be. The Golden Age just grew up to a point where their stories had to be set in an older time, so the concepts of Earth 1 and Earth 2 were born in the Silver Age to still have those older WWII era stories. Add in the occasional “Imaginary Story” and the idea ballooned from there.

But the easiest way to “just read a comic book” that doesn’t involve the multiverse is to read literally anything that’s not a major “Crisis” crossover. Modern, Golden, Silver, doesn’t matter. You’ve got thousands to choose from. Pick a favorite character and a starting point and go for it.

I will warn you, though, that if you’re a Flash fan, you’ll hit the multiverse more often in Flash books, because hopping between realities is sort of his jam. I think Wally did it less than Barry, though, but I’m far from an expert.