Any interest in setting up a weekly book club?

I’m thinking about setting up a book club of sorts right here for a title currently in the DCU library. Any interest? Also taking recommendations for what issues we could start with.


I’d be down. I think the key would be including non-major story arcs so it’s not all stuff many of us may have read on our own. I just read the 4 part arc starting on Batman 291 because I had a beat up copy of that issue as a kid and never saw the resolution to it. It’s a small story with nothing crazy being added to the Batman mythos, but was fun to read an old set! I think things like that would help keep thing interesting.


Im in

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Count me in.

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Sounds like a good idea. Maybe set up a vote for what gets read, or while it’s still small, take turns picking. Either way, I’ll read just about anything, so I’m down.


I’m in.

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Great idea im in


Sounds awesome, I’m definitely in!

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This sounds like a great idea, count me in :+1:t5::+1:t5:

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Sounds awesome!!!

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Count me in👍

I would be interested

Sounds great! How will people participate? New threads for each week?

GreAt idea.

In for sure. I’m essentially new to the books and this will get me broken in!

I am in! I’d recommend starting with The Flash: Year One. Great read

I’m in

I’m in. I really like this idea

Awesome idea and a great way to get this community together!

I’d like to do it.