Any good, thought provoking mystery comics?

I’m looking for a good old fashion detective story. Maybe a murder mystery, or crime procedural? Anyone got any good recommendations?
(Please don’t spoil Gotham Central for me)

Nathaniel Dusk is being released on here every couple of weeks. It’s been pretty good so far.

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Try the first five issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. I thought that was a pretty good one.

Actually, there’s also Batman: The Long Halloween, if you haven’t read that. Without spoiling anything, the ending seems ambiguous but I think you can find the solution if you approach it logically. Definitely a real brain-teaser though, and there’s still some disagreement.


Most of the great Batman stories are great mystery stories. ‘The Long Halloween’ is one, it’s sequel ‘Dark Victory’(?) is another. ‘Hush’ was controversial but it still kept you guessing right to the end. ‘Under the Hood’ is good but don’t read it until after ‘Hush’ My all-time favorite however is ‘Bruce Wayne: Murderer? / Fugitive!’

Hush is a great mystery story as well. Batman Blink and Batman Unseen are underrated in my opinion.