any good flash reccomendations?

I’ve read flashpoint but that’s really it and that seems a shame for one of my favorite heroes

Any crimson comet must reads? I’m taking all suggestions

If you want to get to know Barry, read The Flash: Rebirth miniseries from before Flashpoint about his return from the Speed Force. But if you want to get to know Wally, hop in to The Flash (1987-).

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It’s a Wally/Flash story but I’d definitely read the Blitz storyline near the end of the late 80’s series.

Any of the waid/ johns stuff. And the trial issues from the 80s, but its a long run, 320(?) to the end issue 350.

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I have enjoyed everything since flash point. I didnt like one of the newer rebith arcs though. But really dug the new 52 stuff.


The new rebirth comics really get the general aspect of Barry allen and his life story. And you dont have to start from the beginning of flash history, you just have to start the rebirth series. The flash and all speedsters in general are like my life, so please feel free to ask questions!


Check out The Flash (1987) #73-79. That’s from Mark Waid’s run and edges out Batman: Hush and Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals for my favorite story arc from one of the Big Five heroes (not counting multi-series crossovers). If that doesn’t hook you, nothing will. The story doesn’t really get started until the end of #73. If you like the story, I’d say back up to #62 to catch the preceding parts of Waid’s run, and then continue from #74 on once you’re caught up.

Though if you haven’t read Crisis on Infinite Earths, doing that will make this story make a bit more sense, but I don’t think you need to. The Crisis is still a great story that somewhat prominently features the Flash, so consider that a recommendation in its own right.


The Flash (1987-) #170-225 is probably my favourite extended run of any writer’s (in this case, Geoff Johns) on a character (Wally West).

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I love the 1987 Flash series, specifically the Waid/Morrison/Johns chunk. :slight_smile: That series starred Wally, but included lots of other speedsters (e.g. Jay, Jesse, Max, Bart, even Barry) and expanded the Flash lore.

If you just want to focus on Barry Allen, the new52 is a good jumping on point. Flashpoint is interesting too.

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I didn’t really become a fan of Barry Allen until I read The Life Story of the Flash By Iris West (Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn)
Prior to that, I had only collected the archives and Wally’s Run (and whatever Flash-back stories were available.)
As far as Wally’s run, I jumped in during the original Gorilla Warfare which was a crossover with Green Lantern.


Just start reading Flash Vol 2 and don’t stop until you get to the end. It’s that good.

Anything really from Flash Rebirth I would suggest, especially the year one story right now