Any DC fans in Ohio?

I know one I came across I won’t use his tag w/o permission, but he said it’s lonely for DC fans where he’s at which is in my area. I only have a few people I can discuss DC with. O.H.I.O. are u out there?

Illinois! So pretty close!

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Awesome idk u were that close. I’ve been to Peoria home of Richard Pryor & Jim Thome. It’s beautiful there.

Amherst ohio over here!!!


They should build a comic book Hall of Fame in Ohio

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The creators of Superman’s Hometown is Cleveland Ohio right?


Cincinnati here, home of the Hall of Justice inspiration! :wink:


Ya there is a large superman statue in the Airport of Superman, if im not mistaken Cleveland also inspired both Gotham and Metroplis.


Sorry guys I was knocked off community since Xmas eve just getting to threads I’ll look at your posts now just wanted to let u know that first so u don’t think I was ignoring u

Yeah Siegel & Shuster are both Cleveland natives, that airport shrine is awesome. I live 25-35 mins from Cleveland depending on traffic & 5 mins or less from Akron & Canton. I’m positioned right between Akron/Canton & right by highway where I can reach Cleveland in no time at all. I also lived in Dayton for 8yrs so I’ve been to Cincinnati plenty. I lived right off Main Street on Siebenthaler & Main 5 mins from the Oregon district & 30mins from Cincinnati. I’ve made more then a few trips to Amherst I have friends in Lorain county. Jerry Lawler is from Amherst I remember them telling me that & Ryan Rua from the Texas Rangers. I think that covers everybody on here small world.

Happy New Years Buckeye State