any DC fangirls

I don’t come across to many female DC fans

Megan Fox

I am mistaken- Jaimie Alexander.


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She’s :fire:

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I would assume every girl who subscribed to this service is a DC Fangirl…


OK then

Yep, we exist. Some even work for DC.


U work for DC

Some DC fans who are women work for DC was what I was saying. Not myself. Comics creators, DC Daily hosts, etc.

I meant more of female fans yes I know some female fans work for DC

Sorry if my post sounds rude

You just trying to meet girls?

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No worries. Most of the DC/comics fans I know are women. It’s the norm in my life.

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No not everything is about that I’m engaged it was just a question

OK thanks

Relax dude, it was a joke

It’s all good just making it Clear I wasn’t trying to pick up girls