Any Comics In Which Superman Shows Rage?

I’ve read several stories of a nice, humble Superman, but are there any comics where he just loses it? Just wondering.


Injustice Gods Among Us comes to mind. Out of continuity though.


Ok. Thanks.


Superman 75

JLA 45

Superman/Batman 10

Superman 172

Kingdom Come 4

Action Comics 775


All excellent choices @TheTerribleToyman, to which I’ll add Superman/Batman #13, where Superman beats the hell out of Darkseid.

Speaking of these two, they also have a huge throwdown in 2003’s “Superman vs Darkseid: Apokolips Now!” one-shot. This book isn’t yet digitally available as a single issue, so it’s not in our library. However, it is digitally available in the Superman vs Darkseid trade, and an easy find in print as well.


I’ll add the New 52 Earth 2 series to the list. Though we eventually discover it’s a Superman clone.

Action Comics annual #11 For The Man Who Has Everything.


Supes gets REAL mad at Darkseid in Action Comics Vol. 1 #586 after he realizes the god of evil manipulated him into leading hundreds of Hunger Dogs to their deaths.

The Dead Again storyline is like the And One mix tape of Superman losing his $%&*. In Action Comics Vol. 1 #704, he goes off on The Eradicator and The Outsiders. In The Adventures of Superman Vol. 1 #518, he throws another temper tantrum on Apokolips and casually tosses Kanto in the fire pits. In Action Comics Vol. 1 #705, he’s so mad that he starts fighting the Metropolis SCU. The Dead Again storyline has him raging so bad that he almost gets tricked into murdering Lois in Superman: The Man of Steel #40.

The Death of Clark Kent storyline also has some solid rage moments. In Superman: The Man of Steel #45, he thinks that Conduit just killed Lois and really lets the villain’s robot doubles have it. Then he throws down with Conduit himself in Action Comics Vol. 1 #711 and goes into the fight really cheesed off. After that battle, Superman takes his excess rage out on Conduit’s equipment and Pipeline henchmen in Superman: The Man of Steel #46.

More recently, Superman lets loose on Rogol Zaar in The Man of Steel Vol. 2 #4 and #5. Also, someone mentioned “For the Man Who Has Everything,” and, if you’ve been reading Bendis’ Superman you’ll see that he loses his temper on Mongul again in some of the latest issues.

All of that and I haven’t even mentioned any Lex Luthor moments (that could be an entire thread in and of itself). Basically, if you read Superman long enough, you’ll see him enraged quite a bit. I think certain villains get under his skin more than others: Luthor, Darkseid, Mongul, Brainiac, Zod, Rogol Zaar, and Conduit.


Not a comic but I think of the Justice League episode Twilight.

From J. Michael Straczynski’s run on Superman, before the reboot. This is from issue #705.
The setup: While walking through a town, Superman’s hearing picks up a call for help, and he finds a kid cowering in
his home’s the basement.

Shame we don’t get to see the abuser’s face.


Superman/ Lex 2000

After Superman learns that Lex Luthor won the presidency

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Just finished Infinity Inc 7, which involves a very angry Earth 2 Superman beating up Power Girl and trying to destroy metropolis.

There’s also infinite Crisis issue 5 with a really angry Superman 2 vs our Superman. In the new 52 Action Comics 12, supes gives into his rage and pummels Captain Comet.

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This is one of my favorite Superman stories of all time (top 3), but the beat down that
Supes lays on Mongul is so personal, so sad that it–for me–transcends all his other “amok times”. Remember, thanks to the black mercy, Superman was truly happy for perhaps the first time in his life. He had a family on Krypton, and that bastard Mongul rips it away. Is even Superman strong
enough to survive such personal tragedy? He does make it out at the end with a little help from his friends, but I think a small bit of Superman died in this momentous tale.

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It’s more seething anger, but Superman #8 by Bendis and Reis…