Any chance we’ll ever see some of these titles?

I continue to check each week in hopes of seeing some of the following titles. Any chances these are “coming soon”?

The Warlord (complete run, please)
The Haunted Tank
GI Combat
Weird War Tales
Sgt. Rock
Weird Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Love to see any or all of these!!!


There’s only one series of Sgt Rock on here right now. They say more is coming The question is when?

It likely isn’t the exact material you’re wanting to see, but the New 52 volume of G.I. Combat is here.

The Haunted Tank was the main feature in the last three issues as well.

I’d say there’s a good chance we will eventually. More series are getting digitized every week. These aren’t yet, but with patience, they’ll get here.

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