Any Chance We Can Get Old Swamp Thing Content Before The Show Launches?

Yes, believe it or not, after Batman and Superman, Swamp Thing may be the DC character with the most media representation!

There were:

TWO feature movies
THREE seasons of a TV series
AND a short-lived animated series with a can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head theme song.

Does WB own the rights to any of this? ^

I know the new DCU series doesn’t come out until June, so the powers-that-be might be holding back all of this content until then (which makes total sense), but just in case these have been overlooked, I’d like to nominate these movies and shows for inclusion on DCU.


Warner Brothers has no ownership of the Swamp Thing movies or TV shows. The productions to feature ST that they do own are Justice Leagues Action and Dark. Those coming here in time for the show are the most likely options.

I’d love to see the ST TV shows here if a licensing agreement could be made. They’re both fun.


Ah, that’s disappointing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some deals can be made…

At least we have the comics!

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For sure. Alan Moore and Scott Snyder’s ST runs are fantastic.

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As @Vroom mentioned, licensing’s always something we have to be mindful of, but that aside, I’ll be sure to at least let them know of your interest, @christowhit.7544. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Swamp Thing, Earth really needs you
Arcane is bad for sure


Swamp Thing, you are amazing. Oh, Swamp Thing.


Despite some bad suits, the first Swamp Thing movie is actually pretty good. And the second season (more or less, there are those who insist tey are the back 9 of season 1) of the USA Network aired Swamp Thing series are quite excellent, all things considered.