another watch along

Who’s with me let’s watch something else on DC universe I’m down throw some ideas out


Movie or TV. Animated or live action?

I would do either

This episode I’m currently watching is over in like 8 min. Down for something after that. Don’t know what though :slight_smile:

Let me know

If u on twitter hmu

Ok. It will come from @JasonMyDreams. Three minutes left.

OK I’m bizzarr1000

Ok. Done. What now? You pick between:

Batman vs Robin
Superman 1
Teen Titans (or even TT GO) eps 1 and 2
BBOP episode 1

I just watched bop ep 1 I thought about checking out teen Titans

Reg Teen Titans or GO?

Just teen Titans not go

Ok. First episode or first 2? Respond here or want me to tweet at you?

It’s fine and I don’t care

haha. I’m responding here then…just in case anyone else wants to play along. Starting now

Let’s start at 10 est

Ok. sounds good.

I’m David BTW not sure if we are supposed to give out real names

Too bad if we aren’t, since my first name is in my twitter handle :slight_smile:

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Not to many fangirls for DC