Another encouraging sign of a Doom Patrol Season 3

Though the Friends episodes are at the top of the numbers for HBO Max, several HBO Max originals (including Doom Patrol) are among their 25 most popular programs:



I’d hate for Season 2 to end without resolving any lingering plot threads!

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Whenever a season ends with a huge cliffhanger, I have to wonder if the producers knew they were getting another season or hoped to convince the network/streamer to renew them by writing a huge cliffhanger. The S1 finale felt like a case of the latter, but the sheer number of open plot lines this year makes me hopeful that a third season was thought to be very likely when they finished filming.

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I know COVID-19 messed with production, but are you really going to leave it THERE for a year?


They didn’t really have much of a choice. But season 1 ended with them all miniaturized so it’s not like cliffhangers are unusual for this show.

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You’re right about that

I just finished the second season. While I strongly advocate for parental controls explicitly for this show, I’m going to say that I loved this season. In particular I loved any episode with Jane. The actress is amazing. It appears that Geoff Johns had a ton more control this season which needs to happen going forward. He clearly leans left in his ideology but he’s not crazy, see Stargirl, which I appreciate. I love what he has done here. Give us more of this and less of the woke nonsense of the CW shows.