Another DC Casting Challenge

Here’s another batch of actors that I propose would liven up DC movies or TV shows. Whom would you cast them as? The actors are:

Natasha Lyonne

Chris Evans

Taraji P. Henson

Nicholas Cage

Molly Shannon

Robert Downey Jr.

I’m thinking of posting another challenge involving classic film stars if you wish me to.


Based on his horrible performance in Lightyear he should be cast as nobody.


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Barbara Kean

Victor Zsasz (Knives Out brought a side of him that would be perfect for Zsasz)

Amanda Waller

Superman Ok… hear me out… Floronic Man

Leslie Thompkins

Again, hear me out… Alfred

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Interesting casting choices. I recently read the Secret Society of Super-Villains and I can totally see Nicholas Cage in the part of Jason Woodrue.

Taraji P. Henson as Waller would be fine, but in my way of thinking, Viola Davis IS Amanda Waller.


Ooooh Natasha would be so FIRE in the DCU. Maybe as Livewire?


I know I agreed with a previous statement that Aubrey Plaza would be a perfect Livewire, but in her absence, Natasha Lyonne would be an excellent choice as well.


RDJ and Chris Evans might go back to the forbidden company after secret wars.

Nic Cage: not sure but someone that is wildly over the top so over the top they can no longer see the top. Joker? Nah.

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