Another Crisis Coming?

Am I the only one who sees signs on the horizon of a new Crisis level ( continuity altering) event happening?

-Heroes in Crisis seems like maybe they are setting up Sanctuary as the killer in the same way Brother Eye was set up prior to Infinite Crisis.

-All the talk of the Multiverse dying and what comes next in Justice League.

  • Whatever the heck is going on with Darkseid in Ghost Sector in Justice League Odyssey which maybe ties into the winged destroyers in Hawkman.

-Doomsday Clock (which I’m waiting to read in trade at this point).

-Iris West seems to be remembering stuff from before Flashpoint.


I’m so glad you brought this up. My boyfriend and I have been discussing this with one another since Doomsday Clock began. There are a lot of similar storylines and character appearances lining up with past Crises in current canon. I’m fascinated by it and personally can’t wait to see how everything will play out and eventually meld together.
I’m a little biased though, I love pre crisis DCU.


I think HOC is the identity crisis that kickoffs the degradation of the superhero community that leads the world into the state of paranoia we see in Doomsday Clock which also happens to involve a figure from a different continuity coming in and changing things a lot like Infinite crisis with Alexander Luther, Prime and golden age superman. John’s is a good writer and he’s done this story before. I do think superman and his meeting with Manhattan is going to restore some of the previous pre flashpoint continuity but how much and what of the New 52 will stay is in the air. I think the three justice league books are just building to the return of Prime. Seeing how the main theme around those books is dealing with the fallout of Metal and the Sorce wall needing repair. I don’t really think it will connect to much to HOC and Dclock. I think prime coming back is just to remind us about infinite crisis so it’s fresh in our mind when dclock tells a similar story.


There was rumor a while back of Scott Snyder doing an event simply named “Crisis.” I get the feeling that the event Bendis and Ryan Sook are working on will happen first.

I have a feeling that what Bendis is working on is going to be more of a micro event like Witching Hour or Drowned Earth, crossing over between Action and Detective with bookend specials and maybe a few tie ins with other books (I’m guessing Outsiders given its delay).