Annuals and other specials

It’s great that the annuals are now grouped in the same “folder” as the issues themselves but I’m hoping in the next update they could be moved to the appropriate chronological place? Because right now in most cases Annual #1 comes after Issue #1. So I’m guessing it’s just sorting them by number.


I’ve noticed that too. Maybe it’s something they’ll fix in a later update?

Does anyone collect the annuals (in print) & other special issues (one shots). I have noticed that I tend to pick those up. Have also noticed that I have been honing in on Holiday themed issues as well. Just recently, I have consciously began buying holiday issues & stashing them back to read during that holiday season. Yes, I do enjoy the seasons & celebrating with my heroes makes that much more fun! Good Thread Topic!

ComiXology does a pretty great job of presenting the annuals in something close to their intended order within each series. If DC Universe can do that it would be awesome.