Annoying fans

What is something you’ve noticed that DC fans do that bugs you?


Ok for me, I’ve noticed many fans want almost every project to be r-rated. Now, that get it wrong I love me some mature content but I feel like people forget that most of us fell in love with superheroes as kids, and it wasn’t adult content we consumed(I hope), but rather something both the children and the elders could enjoy.
With that said, I really enjoy r-rated programming and have loved all of the DC originals so far.


@the legend killer what’s up how’s it going

Znyder fans. I get being loyal to DC but its either Zack or DC and they choose Zack. I noticed it is International fans becuase they do not read as much comics as here in the states

I like Watchemn (except the D), 300, and action in Sucker Punch.

Man of Steel 3.5 out of 4 some stuff wasnt meant to be there, but he or WB went straight for BvS and just set DC back years, and then again with JL, SS did not help either.


Also Znyder himself he just dosent get it.


Batman carrying a gun in BvS ugh so bad!


It’s something I hope will change after the big comics drop.

There are lots of quality, hard hitting grounded comics of the late Silver and Bronze Age. Stories that could be compelling, with well developed characters, in context of the modern issues of the day.

“Modern, serious, intense comics” were around but didn’t need the “NC17” rating or f-bombs to make the as grounded and gripping as things today. That meant anyone could easily read them and also feel the impact.

These are stories by great writers (Kirby , Wolfman, O’Neil, etc) these are the stories of modern comics. And they happened long before the “modern comic era”. Much of what I hear people gush about Modern comics existed long before and I hope they take some time to read & appreciate them.


"So when’s young justice coming back? "


It makes me LOL everytime I see that question now


@foxy Good

Demand the Snyder Cut.


Blind loyalism.
I understand liking DC’s characters, because I do, too. Only, not so much that I’m going implicitly trust people who have time and again screwed up in the most dumbfoundedly incompetent ways imaginable. I can’t look at a few shiney details and ignore that everything is otherwise covered in muck, muck that could’ve been avoided with a little more care and intelligence. This is why I don’t think the New52 was all that great, let alone necessary, why I am not appeased that Wally West came back in Rebirth (how’d that work out for ya, Wally fans?), and why I still want Cassandra Cain to have her pre-Flashpoint origin/history back (but then, almost every character had better stories before Flashpoint). If I give this writer or that exec a chance and they screw up, that mistake is on them and I will call them out on it. Just because a different writer did great things with a character, doesn’t mean a hack that is barely mimicking that work to try and fool people, is doing equally good work.

Yet it’s the blind loyalists that seem to clamor, “shut up, change happens,” or “your personal investment means nothing,” or “it’s identical to what came before!” That last one is typically only “true” if you ignore the mountain of differences, lackadaisical execution, and pretend the word “identical” actually means “vaguely similar if you squint and rub your eyes real hard.” They ignore the rational argument, make assumptions about what the dissenter is saying, and seem to think they’re “protecting” comics or the characters with their ignorance, arrogance, or apathy. They don’t want a discussion, they want appeasement and agreeability.

I can’t ignore the mistakes, and I can’t be dissuaded by a loyalist’s hopeful assumptions that things will “get better, eventually” under the same people and/or ideas that screwed things up to begin with.


Complain about every actor chosen to play their favorite characters (until they see the movie, then complain that somebody replaced them). That being said, Robert Pattinson? Really? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s a bit petty of me, but I get annoyed whenever I look at a board on here and see 12 different posts having to do with the exact same subject. There is a search option on here, which you can use to see whether or not that burning “Where is Batman vs TMNT?” question has been asked by about 400 other people.


Fans that try to speak for the whole community. Ones that say things like “Everyone hates x writer and wants y writer back on” or “Everyone hates x character just kill them off already” or “nobody liked x movie” like great Steve you don’t like it enjoy your sad life of no fun but don’t drag us into this.


@GodOfMugs Yeah that really irks me. For example, there was a rumour that there are plans for a supergirl movie and people started saying, “Nobody asked for this”,“We want Man of steel 2”, and “nobody will like this”.
First of all, I’m quite sure YOU didn’t ask for man of steel 1, and who says I won’t want to see a supergirl movie, plus how do you know every DC fan will hate a movie that hasn’t even being made yet.


Ruined my childhood guy. Okay, the latest changes to your favorite characters don’t work for you, but I don’t get how that retroactively destroys your enjoyment when you where 11.


I just dont like how overtly negative the comic community can be towards new comics. Its like everybody is looking for something to be outraged about. Like whenever a big writer hops on a big title, you instantly have divisive fans before they even give the title a chance.

Thats not saying the community can’t be positive though, when a new title is actually welcomed and well-recieved its very satisfying to see.


Anyone who thinks they are owed satisfaction from the art they consume needs to check their entitlement. Sure I’ve been bummed about Wally West for a decade. And now Heroes in Crisis happened. But do I think I’m owed something with the character? That’s ridiculous. And I’ll still keep reading Tom King’s stuff to boot.


Something that applies to pretty much all fandoms: overzealous fans. I remember when I was a 10 or 11 I said something along the lines of “I love Superman” (or the Giants, or whatever)…and my older sister looked at me and said “It’s just a movie (or baseball team, or whatever). Like it, don’t love it…love is for the people and things that really matter in life. Same thing applies the other way around: dislike, but don’t hate”. It was a valuable lesson that stuck with me into adulthood. I feel that fans occasionally lose sight of that. Don’t get me wrong; I do love Superman and DC…I think some of you know that about me by now. It’s just that sometimes, especially in online forums, it feels like people take things a bit too far, at least for my taste.


I’m not big on fans who very savagely rag on other people’s writing and art. Are you Shakespeare or Gauguin? I didn’t think so.

My drawing skills aren’t very good, but Rob Liefeld’s very worst rendition of Deadpool would be a Hall of Fame masterpiece compared to what I would churn out.

It’s fine to say you don’t like something and to reasonably critique it. No problem there.

To act like you’re Mr. Or Mrs. Writing or Art Expert is a different story. To paraphrase the title of a great episode of BTAS: If you’re so holy and great, why aren’t you working in comics?