Announcing the Capies! (The Superhero Awards Show)

Hey everyone!! Fans of DC Universe is going to be running a Comics Award Show for TV, Movies, Comics, and Games! We will have awards to celebrate the wonderful year of superheroes.

Awards will include

Best Live Action Show of the Year
Best Animated Show of the Year
Best Hero in a Live Action Show
Best Villain in a Live Action Show
Best Live Action Event of the Year
Most Anticipated Live Action Show
Most Anticipated Crossover
Most Anticipated Animated Show

Best Comics Movie of the Year
Most Anticipated Comics Movie of the Year

Best Arc in an Ongoing series
Best Limited Series
Best Debut Series
Most Anticipated Comic of the Year

Best New Arc to DCU
Best Ongoing Series to DCU

Game of the Year

Now How can you vote?

Click here for the TV Nominations:

Series will be based partly on watch percentage and best show. 1st place is 5 points, 2nd is 4, and so on. If a small number of people all watched the show and gave it 1st, then it will likely do better than a show with a large audience who got 2s and 3s.

Movie and Comics Forms are waiting for one item to finish before voting. Joker and HoX/PoX respectively



Thanks to everyone who has sent in answers! They will be open until 10/05!




Cool concept! Submit your votes everyone :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I’ll be sure to do it tomorrow.

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20 replies and counting!

I voted too, nice idea.

Voted. This is an awesome idea.

Maybe DC Universe could make an award show right here on DCU or just have something fun on DC Daily.

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