Announcing my new Review Initiative

Hey, I’ve been thinking of how to help give DCU members a voice on there favorite titles, while aiding other DC Events. Starting this week, I encourage all DCU Members after they watch something to leave a number or a sentence about what you thought of it. I felt it was especially appropriate for Batman’s 80th anniversary.

So this week I challenge you guys to watch/read as many or as few of the following as you want. In the comments section of that review, write RI. I’ll take those RI’s and write a list of your reviews and scores on that thing for the week. This week I encourage you to focus on the various events that are using the library.

Each week I will give each title based on your thoughts either a
Forget it
Consider it
Glance at it
Watch it
This weeks Review Initiative Titles are along with a great place to discuss/ review it!

Batman #608 - 619 (Batman: Hush) (Either review issues separately or together. )

Superman (1978)

Doom Patrol Episode 7

Detective Comics #27

Batman: Year 1 Comic and/or film (mark separately)

Batman (1989)


I will review a couple of these. Please Include the letters RI at the end or beginning so I know I can use them when compiling your thoughts. You can also use the comic/films comments section exclusive to that comic and/or use this thread.

Let me know if you like this or plan to use this. If you have modifications that you’d like to propose let me know!!

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Does anyone plan on doing this? Just curious. My idea is for every 4 ideas I come up with 1 might work


I will totally leave something like this for Doom Patrol this week. Maybe I’ll look into some of the other comics too if I have the time this week :slight_smile:

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I’ll do it, but I feel like a lot of reviews are subjective.

Can you post an example? I want to make sure I use the correct format, so it’s easy for you to find

@harley.333, I just did one on the last issue of Hush’s community part. Not sure if it’s the correct format, as I kind of put down more than a sentence, but I did put a number rating at the end.

My review of Masterman

RI Mastermen is a thrilling series that manages to simpathize.its most evil character. The freedom fighters truly feel like terrorist and the Nazis minus Hitler don’t appear like bad guys. The art is great most notably the first time overman appears. His strength is strong and confident but the most interesting part is how chilling his costume is.


Score it or don’t however you want 10/11
3/4 9.6/10

Ill average the scores you give in my review report.