Announcing Connected Content and week 0!

Hey, I have been for a long time looking for a book club that’s really focused on reading the source material for upcoming series. Most notably, full series that the movies and TV shows were inspired by. The goal is each week to read part of a series ahead of its movie/TV debut. For some series, that means rushing to read something. For other series we will be able to take our time and really think about what we are reading and take it slowly. I tried to make the arcs as easy to read as possible but we might cut into an arc sometimes.

The plan is to read shows and there likely source material. But there’s a lot of shows and we can’t read everything. That being said here are some of the plans I’ve made.

Shazam! (April 5th) --> Shazam!: The New Beginnings and Shazam!: Power of Hope
Swamp Thing (June) --> The Saga of the Swamp Thing and Swamp Thing (2011)
Stargirl --> Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S, J.S.A (Johns)
Harley Quinn and The Joker --> (Joker movie and Harley Quinn TAS) Harley Quinn Rebirth and Clasic Joker Series including Death In the Family and Hopefully Killing Joke (Crossing my fingers it will be there)

For Titans we would read The New Teen Titans
For Doom Patrol (Which we aren’t reading because of DC Daily Book Club) Grant Morrison’s Run and Young Animal.
Aquaman: Aquaman (2011)

I’m also taking feedback because I know its a lot of reading some weeks. Starting Next Week We will be hitting the ground running with a goal to finish Power of Shazam by the time the movie releases after that I’ll slow down.

The plan is to Open Discussion for each series on Monday and have the Next Week reading that week too! I’m also making an effort to give people who do want to read slower a way to read what our discussion was after its over.

The first 5 weeks are:
Week 0 Shazam!: The New Beginnings (A good origin story for Shazam)
Week 1 Power of Shazam #1-8
Week 2 Power of Shazam #9-16
Week 3 Power of Shazam #17-24
Week 5 Power of Shazam #25-34
Week 6 Shazam! The Movie Discussion most notably its similarities to Power and The New Beginnings

Week 7 Saga of the Swamp Thing #20-24 (Book One Part 1)
Week 8 Saga of the Swamp Thing #25-27 (Book One Part 2)

I hope this gives some perspective. We will take a week long break after we finish each series.

This week is Shazam! The New Beginnings #1-4. This miniseries is the Origin Story for Shazam! Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. I hope you enjoy. If you don’t maybe you will like Power of Shazam! and if you don’t like that join us for Saga of the Swamp Thing. You get the point!

Discussion will start on a separate post to be titled Connected Content Week 0 on Monday! Note I would start now because Discussion opens up on Monday!


This is a great idea!! I love building anticipation of a Movie/Tv by reading the comics associated with it. I actually just finished Shazam! New beginning’s tonight and was planning on putting a dent on to The power of Shazam before the movie comes out.

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Totally Stoked about Attempting to Participate in this Adventure with Everyone! Gotta go put this into my Calendar! :hugs:

Awesome! I was going to start Shazam anyways to get pumped for the movie!

I am game I will try to keep up
It might be a challenge but I will do my best

I’m two issues through. About a 45 minutes read for all 4.

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Done! I’ve written three discussion questions per issue. Will cut a couple and see what happens on Monday!

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We’re starting the discussion tomorrow in a separate post

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